Hello! I’m Sarah and I play tabletop roleplaying games — mostly Dungeons and Dragons 5e with a splash of Pathfinder 2e, Quest, Star Wars, and the barest hint of Monster of the Week. I seek to expand my horizons and experience more tabletop games!

My passion for TTRPGs and too much time spent on r/dnd lead to this blog and its eventual companion podcast. I’ll be sharing my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned as I continue to play and DM various campaigns and one-shots.

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Sweet Dreams: Session #1 follows five adventurers in #dnd5e as they set out to understand the sleepwalking curse afflicting Somnium! Their mission: infiltrate the Grand Archives. But first, the narcoleptic awakened owlbear is going berserk!

#ttrpg #dnd https://experiencequest.net/sweet-dreams-session-1/

Due to some insecurity it took me months to listen to @RollWithItBlog's podcast episode about #StarWars the Force Awakens, in which I was the guest. I'm glad I finally did! It's great, we rock, and Ethan is a wonderful host. Check it out if you missed it! https://anchor.fm/brobot/episodes/Episode-6-Star-Wars-Episode-VII---The-Force-Awakens-w-Sarah-epr5vd

"Achieve Flow with Prepared Facts" is a new Table Cadence blog post. It's about getting to know your campaign's facts & secrets to keep the session moving while informing the players as they engage with the world. #ttrpg #dnd #dungeonsanddragons https://experiencequest.net/achieve-flow-with-prepared-facts/

I'm getting back into #dnd with a mini-campaign! Follow five adventurers as they unravel the sleepwalking curse and infiltrate the Grand Archives. Starting with Sweet Dreams: Campaign Overview!
#ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons #dnd5e https://experiencequest.net/sweet-dreams-campaign-overview/

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