Hello! I’m Sarah and I play tabletop roleplaying games — mostly Dungeons and Dragons 5e with a splash of Pathfinder 2e, Quest, Star Wars, and the barest hint of Monster of the Week. I seek to expand my horizons and experience more tabletop games!

My passion for TTRPGs and too much time spent on r/dnd lead to this blog and its eventual companion podcast. I’ll be sharing my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned as I continue to play and DM various campaigns and one-shots.

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I get to play in my very first #pathfinder2e campaign! With very awesome people! I'm used to #dnd5e, so there's a lot to learn and mentally untangle. I'm loving the 3 action system and some of the added crunch. Ethan's selection of unpleasant monsters has been top notch so far.

It Came From Off-Panel! @offpanelpod

Old Growth, Part 1 http://rollwithit.blog/2021/08/27/old-growth-part-1/

I had all the intentions of being productive over the weekend. Write some blog posts, plan D&D, edit a podcast episode. Yep. I played Dragon Quest XI S and read comics, instead.

DMing can be taxing, but it's a special feeling unwinding after a hilarious and creative session. Lots of laughs, mayhem, and cool moments in today's combat heavy #dnd! My poor undead T. Rex Bones had to chomp it's own foot off to finally get out of a DC 13 STR hunting trap.

Damn, I really haven't played a ttrpg in a while. Hard to find something in EU-friendly hours. Or maybe I just don't know where to look.

Is anybody in need of two players? Or has some useful advice?

What's this? I'm recording a podcast episode tonight? For MY podcast? Gosh, I almost forgot I had one of those. It's been too long but I'm getting back to it! Happy to be chatting with a friend about D&D and their recent foray into DMing!

This quest isn't over.

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